We take away your house hunting hassle,
and get you settled in smoothly



Moving to another country is often a complex operation. Finding a pleasant place to live in the right location is the first and most crucial step. When you don’t know the area and are unfamiliar with the local customs and requirements, relocation support is indispensable.


Our Executive Relocation Services for companies and individual expats ensure that your move feels effortless. We want you to have a positive moving experience and enjoy your new hometown from day one, so you can focus on your work and getting your new social life in place. With our help, your new country will quickly become your new home.





This may be your first international relocation, or perhaps you have already done several and consider yourself an expert. Still, each new country is a different story and having an advisor with expert insider knowledge on your side, makes your home search a lot easier.


These days you can arrange many things on your own, but getting online and finding a place that fits your budget is the easy part. Sometimes, in what you believe to be a great bargain, you suddenly find yourself resolving all sorts of issues that the landlord does not take care of.


Getting an actual call back, securing the best deal, having your contract properly drafted and getting assistance with administrative and practical issues will make your moving experience much more enjoyable. Portsville has already thought this through, to give you peace of mind.


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As a corporate client relocating multiple employees or associates, we provide you with your own Portsville Corporate Account, which includes:


  • A dedicated Rental Consultant who knows how to get you the best deal
  • Instant professional knowledge of the Dutch housing market
  • A single point of contact for home searches in our own listings and with partner agencies
  • Professional help with administrative and basic legal affairs
  • Online monitoring and support throughout the rental period for all your rentals